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Volodin Viktor Mikhaylovich, Doctor of economic sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of economics
and administration, Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),
Badeeva Elena Aleksandrovna, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, sub-department
of accounting, taxation and audit, Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),

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Modern changes of the Russian economy towards innovations assume improvement of processes of management of innovation-oriented higher education institutions, increase of productivity of achievement of the goals planned by higher education institutions for improvement of quality of education in Russia. An important point of integration of higher education institutions into the national innovative ecosystem is carrying out scientific researches and development, incubation, commercialization of scientific development, transfer of technologies, creation and development of small innovation-active economic subjects on the basis of higher education institutions. It is shown that foreign countries significantly overtake the Russian higher education institutions in these questions that is explained by weak use of domestic scientific potential and by insufficiently developed incentives of formation of scientific relationship «higher education institution – business» by the state. The authors suggest measures of development of research and innovative activity of domestic higher education institutions at the level of regional authorities and higher education institutions on the basis of comprehensive planning and implementation of programs of social and economic development of municipalities of area, strategy
of development of regional higher education institutions. These measures will allow to raise additional budgetary and extrabudgetary funds, will provide development of strategic interaction of higher education institution with local authorities and business partners for modernization and technological development of economy of the
region and the country.

Key words

innovative ecosystem, intellectual potential, research and innovative activity, regional higher education institution, planning, regional small innovationactive economic subject.

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